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Mid-Atlantic Penturners Gathering 2014


Would you like to be a sponsor? Get your name or company listed here if you make a donation or donate a door prize! Contact Us for more information.

What are you bringing to MAPG 2014? Friday will have a SHOW and TELL (instant gallery) and Saturday will have two penturner contests (see rules).

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WHAT IS MAPG? MAPG stands for Mid-Atlantic Penturners Gathering. We will have two FREE days of hands-on demonstrations, pen galleries, pen supply vendors, and networking with talented pen makers, turners, and hobby connoisseurs from International Association of Penturners. Please REGISTER HERE today!


Friday, May 2, 2014
Saturday, May 3, 2014


Woodcraft of Richmond
9862 West Broad Street
Glen Allen, VA 23060


CLICK HERE for the complete 2014 event schedule!

April 13, 2014: MAPG 2014 CONTEST RULES ANNOUNCED! This year at MAPG we have so much planned, it promises to be an amazing event. So without further ado, here are the events.

  • Kit pen contest. This is purely as it sounds, make a really good looking kit pen. No modifications are allowed, just a beautiful pen. Pay close attention to the fit and finish and you'll be halfway there. Get into matching the blank to the kit and you're even closer.

  • Modified pen contest. This is a little more complicated, but not much. It has to start with a pen kit. Then modify it to meet your liking. There must be TWO (2) identifiable parts from the same pen kit. If using a slimline kit this could be the nose cone and transmission. If using a Cigar kit, it could be the the nose cone and clip. You get the idea.

Those are the only rules specific to either contest. Here are some pretty standard rules that apply to both contests.

  1. 1. The pen which you enter into the contest CANNOT have been entered into any other contest or shown in any public venue at any time prior to this event. This would be on MAPG, another pen site, FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, your personal website, ETSY, eBay, or the like. If anyone can google it and find it, you're in the wrong.
  2. 2. There are no social, genetic, age, gender, skill level, or height restrictions for entry to either contest. Only that the person entering the pen actually made the pen.
  3. 3. You may only enter ONE pen into EACH contest.
  4. 4. There will be a double-blind entry and judging into each competition, with an entry form provided to you upon delivery of the pen.
  5. 5. DO YOUR BEST!

Pens must be submitted in person before 11 AM on Saturday, May 3, 2014. Prizes will be given for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. Please contact Brett Ransom (IAP - hard hat) or by email with any questions.


Show and Tell - introduce your pens and pen products (instant gallery)
Group Panel Discussion - "Marketing your Pens"

Barry Gross - "A Pen from Start to Finish"
Bruce Robbins & Brett Ransom - "Making and Anodizing an Aluminum Pen"
Eric Rasmussen - "Photographing a Pen"
Fred Wissen - "Clear Casting"
Keith Henning - "Polymer Clay Pens"
Richard (Rick) Crook - "Celtic Knots"

CLICK HERE for more info!


Classic Nib

Classic Nib - Roy and Dee Robaldo (OKLAHOMAN) featuring vendors Marla Mills, Keith Henning, and more...

Turn Tex

Turn Tex Woodworks - Curtis O. Seebeck (MesquiteMan) the leading authority on small shop porous material stabilizing and the home of "Original Cactus Blank"™ and "Texas Hybrid"™ pen and knife blanks.

Richard Greenwald

Richard L. Greenwald LLC - Richard and Betsy Greenwald (penmaker56 and MrsPenMaker56) offers pen parts that we bring in from SCHMIDT® or we manufacture ourselves, and hand-colored and hand-cast plastics in both PR and FLEXIGRAN.

Jonathon Brooks

Jonathon and Shea Brooks (Brooks803 and brookswife803) plethora of blanks for sale to cater to the kit and custom pen makers of the world.

Fred Wissen Designs LLC - Fred and Tina Wissen (PTownSubbie and MrsPTownSubbie) silicone casting molds, CNC engraved cartridges, polymer clay blanks, and various acrylic and cholla cactus blanks.

Eric Beuker

Eric Beuker (Buzzzz4) focus in embedded blank casting - mini-pinecones, cherry pits, and antler bits castings.

Arizona Silhouette

Arizona Silhouette - Barry Gross (2bgross) - the source for eye candy!

Craft Coat by Eco Advance

Michael Hardin (CrashMPH) will be representing Craft Coat, a waterborne linseed oil modified wood finish made by Eco Advance


April 21, 2014: Thank you for your Donation - Michael Hardin of Craft Coat - Eco Advance!

Craft Coat by Eco Advance

Craft Coat by Eco Advance - thanks to Michael Hardin (CrashMPH) - representative of Craft Coat - who is donating a prize pack of three 6 oz bottles of Craft Coat, one of each of the finishes (gloss, semi-gloss, and satin). Please visit Eco Advance for more information.

April 20, 2014: Thank you for your donation - Marla Mills (Crickett)!

Marla Mills

Fine Turnings - Marla Mills (Crickett) will be donating assorted pen blanks (as seen on Classic Nib) such as feather blanks, special castings, or origami paper. If you are interested in meeting Marla in person, she and Peter Christensen will be coming to MAPG 2014.

April 19, 2014: Thank you for your Donation - Eric Beuker (Buzzzz4)!

Eric's Artistic Embeds

Eric's Artistic Embeds - Thank you to Eric Beuker (Buzzzz4) for donating 2 packs of 4 blanks of the recipient's choice, valued at $56 per pack. Please visit Exotic Blanks for more information.

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Special thanks to our venue sponsor, Ray Deyo - Woodcraft of Richmond!


Thompson Lathe Tools
Perry's Pens

Mike Hirsch

Satellite City Instant Glues
Richard L. Greenwald LLC
Classic Nib

Terry Quiram Ten Fingers Woodworking

Orbita Corporation
Arizona Silhouette
John Underhill
Jonathon Brooks
Eric Beuker
Marla Mills - Fine Turning
Craft Coat by Eco Advance

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